About us

GST Corporation

Group Savta Trading (GST) was founded in April 2007 as a subsidiary of the Savta company, already a major player in the overstock business with over 10 years experience.

In today's retail world, manufacturers of consumer goods are in constant need of efficient inventory management solutions to deal with increasingly common issues of discontinued stock, surplus, re-packaging, short dated products...

Group Savta Trading (GST) specialises in buying surplus lots from European companies faced with excess inventory. Its mission is to provide them with a valuable service, based on an extensive knowledge of the overstock marketplace.

Building on its growing expertise in this evolving market, GST has experienced steady growth over the past 12 years.

Financial structure

Over the past six years GST has established itself as a reliable trade partner with a solid strategic vision and as a trusted name in discount retail for a wide range of products (groceries, household items, hygiene….).
We pay cash or provide a bank guarantee for our purchases, regardless of the amount, which shows the full support of our financial partners.


GST's first offices are set up in Pantin (Tour Essor)


GST takes a stake in Branex Design, creator of Tam Tam and iTamtam, world leader in the field of design


GST purchases new office building and warehouse in Gonesse


Creation of the company's online store (gstdestock.fr) and opening of a 1000 m2 CASH & CARRY in our Gonesse warehouse to meet the needs of our different customers